Saturday, August 14, 2010

On a Mission

Goals for the rest of this month and the upcoming season:

1. Quit Sugar: That means, no sugar. None. No Agave Necatar, no super sweet fruit juice, no nothin'!

2. EAT LOCAL! : Try to buy all produce from local growers.

3. Cook more! Gather recipes.

4. Savor meals.

Making Gumbo tomorrow! Should be wonderful!


1 comment:

  1. have you tried making Carrot pie? If you are craving something sweet, you can use bread crumbs for the crust. We used brown rice and garbanzo bean flour. We just made it for thanksgiving, and it was sweet enough without adding any sweeter. Just add some spices to the crust and filling to give it sweetness and flavor.

    Women in the old times (rich to lower middle class),would have sleeves of spices locked up in a drawer.

    Spices were special treasures to be guarded.

    Love in Christ,